Saving Lives With Ultrasound…Together!


NYAGI envisions a world where all pregnant women have access to healthcare providers skilled in life-saving ultrasound diagnostics.



NYAGI teaches local healthcare workers in resource-poor areas how to diagnose life-threatening health conditions through accelerated, low-cost ultrasound skills training.



NYAGI (acronym for: Now You Are the Group’s Interest) represents that pregnant woman living in remote areas without access to prenatal ultrasound services. Every two minutes, a mother somewhere dies of pregnancy complications, the weekly equivalent of 10 fully occupied 747 jumbo jets crashing with no survivors. Most of these deaths are avoidable and occur in isolated communities.

To help prevent these unnecessary deaths, in 2013, NYAGI was established as a non-profit 501-c(3) public charitable organization focused on ultrasound education. Its founder, award-winning educator and physician Cliff Gronseth, M.D., recognized that emerging medical technology was making ultrasound services more affordable, portable and user-friendly. He saw a need and an opportunity to create and implement an efficient model for teaching basic ultrasound skills with unprecedented potential for improving healthcare and saving lives in underserved areas of the world.

Realizing the possibility of far-reaching impacts, Dr. Gronseth developed educational software (NAV™) to support an innovative teaching model. Effective implementation of this model is based on two fundamental tenets: collaboration and empowerment.

Collaboration: In all of its projects, NYAGI seeks out and works with local partners. These on-site NGOs and government agencies enable the most fluid access to appropriate clinical delivery systems necessary to reach women in need.

The formation of strong partnerships translates into an efficient pooling of resources. Partnerships are fundamental to NYAGI’s philosophy and operations, reflected in its tagline, “Saving Lives with Ultrasound… Together.”

Empowerment: Instead of flying in for one-off expert assistance, NYAGI supports enduring and scalable solutions by combining its Train-the-Trainer program with remote back-up support after the team returns home.

Accelerated learning protocols focus on identifying select life-threatening complications. Successful completion of the training does not require advanced prior medical qualifications and is possible for midwives and birth attendants.

By enabling trainees to teach others, this approach multiplies the number of healthcare workers skilled in basic ultrasound diagnostics, increasing access for women in need. Other major advantages are that NYAGI’s skills development system is fast, effective and low-cost.