Saving lives with ultrasound...together!


Our mission is simple – Save lives! NYAGI brings ultrasound off-the-road, and empowers healthcare workers in impoverished communities to proactively identify life-threatening medical conditions. Together with healthcare partners, the solution comprises ultrasound equipment, on-site training, and a tablet-based “expert” that enables continuous learning.


Sadly, many women around the world have no access to prenatal ultrasound, mainly due to the lack of equipment and education.

every two minutes a woman dies giving birth.

Many lives can be saved if life threatening conditions are diagnosed early.


Ultrasound Without Borders


iPads Saving Lives

NYAGI unites the power of experienced sonographers, donated iPads, and unique ultrasound learning software to rapidly teach medical personnel working in resource limited areas.

Imagine the number of lives that can be saved simply by bringing the power of ultrasound to the world.