Saving Lives With Ultrasound… Together —> Today

Every two minutes a mother dies of complications related to childbirth—but it doesn’t have to happen…




See NYAGI at work in Haiti

Boulder, Colorado videographer, Justin Simpkins, joined NYAGI in Haiti and produced this short video of our work there.


Why Ultrasound? Why Today?

Ultrasound imaging is safe, immediate and portable. With NYAGI’s accelerated learning system, ultrasound will save lives — especially those in rural, “off the road” areas.

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The NYAGI Approach

We accelerate ultrasound skills development by combining experts and technology: hands-on training, unique education software, and ongoing webinars.

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Learning With NAV™ Software

NYAGI partners with 7D Imaging, an educational technology company providing essential, point of care educational software.

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Project Updates

Explore NYAGI’s work in Nepal and Haiti.

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Passionate CHAMPION for ultrasound

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Cliff Gronseth has been passionate about the power of ultrasound since first using it 20 years ago. As a physician and educator, Dr. Gronseth is committed to bringing ultrasound to save lives to all remote, rural, resource limited areas around the world.


OUR REcent Project

Empowering Haiti With Ultrasound

NYAGI has been working with IFSER and Project Santé in Haiti to teach doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers life-saving ultrasound skills.


want to help?

Help NYAGI Save Lives

Help fund our team of volunteers, send us your unused iPad, donate your airline miles, or contribute in some other way. Join NYAGI to help bring ultrasound to remote, rural, resource-limited communities around the world.