Donate Your iPad

Your Old Technology’s New Mission To Save Lives

Essential in NYAGI’s approach to learning ultrasound is access to 7D Imaging’s software. As part of our program, each ultrasound machine includes an iPad loaded with the complete NAV™ software suite. This resource provides each NYAGI participant with the necessary references to continue developing their sonography skills long after the NYAGI team leaves. Your iPad can even be tracked using its serial number and Find My iPad so you can see where your donation is helping in the world!

Have An iPad To Donate?

  1. Reset your iPad to factory settings to erase all personal data:
    Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings
    NOTE: Find My iPad MUST be turned off. You can find instructions to do so here.

  2. Send your erased iPad to:
    NYAGI Project
    5387 Manhattan Circle, Suite #200
    Boulder, CO 80303

  3. If you would like to see where your iPad ends up, email us a request to track your iPad using its serial number!


If you would like us to provide you with a prepaid mailer, please fill out this form:

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