Diagnostic ultrasound technology provides safe, dynamic, real-time imaging of the body. With advances in engineering, health care providers around the world are realizing the value of ultrasound as an efficient, inexpensive, and portable diagnostic tool. Some predict ultrasound will be the 21st century stethoscope.

sound wave


Ultrasound has been used safely and effectively for over 50 years. The technology uses harmless, reflected sound waves to visualize underlying anatomic structures. It is commonly used for real-time fetal assessment, cardiac function, trauma, and can be used for breast cancer screening and stroke risk assessment.

ultrasound machine

With improved image quality, miniaturization, and battery power, ultrasound equipment can now be easily carried in a small lightweight bag. Imagine how many people could benefit from the power of diagnostic ultrasound – if they only knew how to use it. NYAGI’s mission is to help teach healthcare providers how to perform efficient and accurate diagnostic ultrasound of potentially life-threatening conditions.